Assistant Professor of Marketing
Ivey Business School, Western University

2021 - present

My research interests lie in understanding and documenting the experiential consumption of digital products and media. I do this by implementing causal and/or interpretable machine learning methods on behavioral data. In one paper, I find the sweet spot of ad targeting on streaming media that balances the interest of the viewer (content consumption) with that of the platform (ad exposure). I find there exists a common sweet spot of short ad lengths with long and more equally spaced ad spacings which simultaneously benefit both the viewer and the platform. Platforms can use this information to refine ad delivery for existing viewers and as a starting point for new viewers. In another paper, I identify the elements (across text, audio and images) in YouTube influencer videos that are associated with an increase in viewer appeal using a novel interpretation strategy that eliminates many spurious relationships. I find that brand mentions, especially from consumer electronics and video game brands, in the first 30 seconds of a video are associated with an increase in attention to the brand, but a decrease in sentiment in the comments for the video. Insights from this paper can be used by influencers and brands to refine video design and more efficiently test for causal effects in a field setting.